Why Online Training?

Here are 7 reasons why these courses will help you with your SAP-related projects:

  • Unlimited access to a robust course library:  Choose from a course catalog of over 100 classes made up of more than 1200 individual, hands-on sessions. Take (and re-take) whichever classes you want. All courses come with quizzes, a final exam, supplementary study materials, and a certificate of completion.
  • Self-paced, on-demand access. Learn at your own pace when your schedule allows. You don’t have to wait on a course schedule; you can take classes at your own pace.
  • Learn from the comfort of your own home or office: As long as you have an internet connection and a browser that supports Flash, you can access insiderTRAINING classes. Use a device (computer, tablet, mobile phone, etc.) you’re familiar with in a setting you prefer so you can focus on learning and not distractions.
  • Learn in an interactive simulation of an SAP environment: Each of the 100 courses comprises 8-16 hands-on lessons built in an SAP simulated environment. As you progress through the lesson, you’ll interact with the screen by clicking buttons, entering transaction codes, filling out fields, and other actions just as you would in a live SAP system.
  • Save money training the whole team: A 5-user insiderTRAINING license costs less than travel, hotel, expenses, and registration fees for one team member to attend traditional face-to- face classes. Additionally, an insiderTRAINING subscription lasts a full year with access to the entire course library – not just whatever classes you can fit into your schedule during traditional learning events.
  • Get immediate results and feedback: Each lesson concludes with a quiz and each course has a formal final exam at the end. The quizzes and exams are designed to test your knowledge of the topic covered in the lesson. You will see your quiz and test grades immediately and can re-take lessons, quizzes, and exams as much as necessary.
  • No prior SAP experience necessary: If you’re new to SAP, check out the Basic SAP Skills curriculum to get an overview of working in an SAP environment. If you’re a seasoned SAP vet, skip right to the courses that matter to you most.

Who is insiderTRAINING for?

Students with the following job titles and roles (and many more) have all found value from our courses:

Consultant Continuous Process Improvement
Director of SAP Business Applications
IT Application Manager
IT/Business Analyst
IT Manager
IT Director
Project Manager
SAP Application Monitoring
SAP Business Application Manager
SAP Business Process Specialist
SAP Liaison
SAP Operations Manager
SAP Service Delivery Manager
SAP Training/Digital Training
SAP Instance Owner
SAP Application Consultant
SAP Systems Specialist